Why Mochi?

So you’ve made it to the Mochi blog to read on some K-beauty or any of my other rambles, but now you’re asking yourself “ok, but why mochi?”

Mochi is a Japanese rice cake made of a special grain of rice known as mochigome. If you’v ever seen a mochi (and hopefully eaten it because boy, they’re delicious), you might remember the small, round cakes and their perfectly smooth, plump and soft surface. Skin that is healthy and moisturised can have the same qualities if it is looked after well, so it’s important to put the right things on it (and in it, since nutrition also plays a vital part). Finding out what ingredients work for you, maintaining a rigorous routine and giving skin the moisturise it needs can make the difference between troubled and soft, bouncy skin, just like the surface of a mochi rice cake!