How To Find The Right Bra For Valentines Day



Every year on the exact same day, millions of girls around the world stand in front of their wardrobe with just one question on their minds: “What am I going to wear?”

I’m talking about Valentine’s Day of course. Whether you have been in a relationship for the last couple of years or are going on a date with a new beau for the first time, the biggest issue is always finding the right clothes for the big day.

As for me, I’ve been in a relationship for a while now and – to some degree – it involved getting real comfy and dressing up on very rare occasions only. However, I do consider Valentines day to be one of these occasions. Even if you’re not the most romantic person or you don’t really care about Valentines day, I see it as a great opportunity to show your significant other that that ‘spark’ from years ago is alive (buried under a thick layer of sweatpants, messy hair buns, takeaway pizza boxes and colourful onesies, but nonetheless still there!) and that you still put on some effort for each other.

When I chose my outfit for a special occasion, everything has to be perfect. E-ve-ry-thing. The jacket has to match the colour of my outfit, the shoes have to match the accessories, and even the underwear has to match everything too, because knowing that your whole outfit is on point just gives you that extra boost of confidence. I mean, who doesn’t like the feeling of wearing things that make you look good, even though no one can tell you’re wearing your most gorgeous set of bra and knickers? Ah, the little hidden joys in life.

As I mentioned before, I like my whole outfit to match the occasion, but it’s just as important that it also feels comfortable, as I don’t want to spend all day and night pulling up trousers that are too tight or discreetly adjusting my bra. When I was younger, I would buy lingerie only based on what they looked like, and the more colourful, frilly and adorned with little laces they were, the better! Of course, I had to pay the price for that. Bras that were too tight left painful red marks on my skin, while others just didn’t have a good fit and constantly had to be adjusted. But the worst offender was the one bra that would just randomly open whenever I was walking outside or moved my arms and back in an attempt to reach for something, frequently forcing me to seek immediate refuge to a quiet place where I could fix it again. Yeah, it wasn’t comfortable, and every day I would come home  and rush to take the damn thing off.


A few years on I’m much wiser and can appreciate a good, comfortable bra that will not make me think about ripping it off every few minutes. Of course, the vain part of me still wants it to look cute and give me confidence when I wear it.

This year I’m getting a little help on choosing the right bra with ThirdLove, a company that shares my belief in comfy AND good looking underwear. They’ve come up with a smart technology that allows us ladies to discover our right sizes without leaving the comfort and warmth of our homes. And because they know how important Valentines Day is, they’ve created this super practical and fun quiz that indicates which bra fits your personality best. Have a look at it below, it takes only a minute and will give you an idea of what kind of bra you should be using for best support and comfort:


After doing the quiz myself and getting the “Isn’t She Lovely Lace” I can confirm that’s EXACTLY what I would have gone for. I love everything that has laces and delicate details, but like I mentioned, I don’t compromise cuteness for comfort anymore, so it needs to have a good fit. Our body types are all different and can’t just be defined by numbers and current trends, which is why tailored clothing is so important. Not using well-fitting clothes can not only lead to the annoying problems I described earlier, it can even affect your health in the long run! It is estimated that between 70-80% of women are wearing poor-fitting bras, which can lead to back pain, heart burn and even premature sagging, amongst others.

Now, scary news aside, let’s talk about the fun part. To match my adorable lovely lace bra, I would wear a simply cut yet feminine black lace dress and enhance it with a few accessories such as a gold/black necklace and bracelets. I’m not really into intricate hairstyles, so a little bow at the back to add just a little delicate touch will do.



Now it’s your turn to take the quiz and if you’d like, let me know what your result is in the comment section! Also, ThirdLove has a special discount code so you can get the perfect bra for a great price. Just use  VALENTINE15 at the checkout to enjoy 15% off your purchase.

Happy Valentines Day!



Disclaimer: I have been contacted by ThirdLove to share the quiz. I am not being paid to do so and all opinions are 100% my own.

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