Herbal Delight: Ryoe Jinsaengbo Shampoo & Conditioner Review


In December last year, I took a big step and finally got my hair permanently straightened with the Japanese Momoko method.

Before the straightening, I regularly had issues with frizzy, dry, damaged hair that almost no shampoo, conditioner or treatment could cure. But since chemical straightening can be quite damaging, I was desperate to get my hair into better shape so that it wouldn’t suffer too much during the procedure, and hence started doing some research into new products. I’ve spent years and lots of money on expensive western salon products, natural, silicone-free shampoos, DIY masks, oils or whatever was the current hype in hopes to get my partially bleach-damaged hair back to health. Sometimes I would see a temporary change, but soon my hair would get bored with it and start rebelling again. Since moving to the UK, where the water is very hard, I also started experiencing things like itchy scalp, build-up and even drier hair. Thanks, UK water.

Korean brands have been my main source whenever I needed something for my face, but I’ve never really given much thought about trying Korean hair care products. So, while browsing my favourite Korean shopping websites, I decided to have a look on what’s on offer. My attention was immediately captured by a brand called Ryoe, a Korean luxury haircare brand inspired on Traditional Korean Medicine and herbal formulations. Herbs & traditional medicine, matched with beautifully designed bottles? Get on mah head now, Ryoe! I discovered that the Jinsaengbo (or Ginsengbo) line, an ‘anti-aging’ line was one of their best-selling products. I was intrigued with seeing the words ‘anti-aging’ on a hair care product, but after reading so many good reviews about it, I decided to try it for myself.


All Ryoe products claim to have anti-hairloss properties, with Jayangyunmo being the most specialized anti-hairloss line. The Jinsaengbo line provides intensive nourishment and repairs hair that has been weakened by aging, chemical processing or pollution. They come in two varieties: oily scalp and dry scalp. I purchased the dry scalp version as my scalp has been rather dry and flaky. The main ingredient is Korean ginseng extract, which supposedly stimulates hair growth by improving the proliferation of dermal papilla cells. When applied topically, it can improve hair’s ability to regenerate and encourages hair growth.

The shampoo and conditioner come in elegant, yet sturdy black plastic bottles, each containing 400ml of herbal awesomeness. The shampoo has a brown/reddish colour while conditioner is thick and white/greyish. The smell is very herbal and the main note is definitely ginseng. The smell is also quite strong, so if you’re sensitive to that and don’t appreciate herbal scents in general, then it may be a bit too much for you, as is also lingers for a while after washing it out. I adore herbal smells, so it really doesn’t bother me, in fact I find it very relaxing! When applied to the hair, the shampoo feels cooling and refreshing on the scalp. It makes a good amount of bubbles (I couldn’t find a translated ingredients list but I’m pretty sure it contains both sulphates and silicones) and when washed out, my hair doesn’t feel like it’s been completely stripped of moisture, which is a good sign.


But the real winner between this combo is definitely the conditioner. Coating the hair with the thick, rich feeling cream is very easy and the scent is similar to the shampoo, yet slightly more gentle. I like leaving the conditioner in my hair for as long as possible and then make sure to wash it out properly. Even while rinsing I can feel how my hair feels fuller, nourished and soft to the touch, and I can already comb my fingers through it without using a comb.


After my hair has dried, I can still smell some the herbal scent. My hair always feels super soft, moisturised and reeeaally shiny. Seriously, my hair hasn’t been this shiny in a long time! It also makes my scalp feel refreshed and calms down frizz.

The Jinsaengbo line has really helped repair my dry, damaged hair and make it look a lot healthier than it was before. I love the luxurious cleansing and nourishment these products provide and the amazing herbal scent which helps me relax after a long day.

Since they are very nourishing and rich, I make sure to use a different shampoo & conditioner combo every now and then and also regularly use a clarifying shampoo to get rid of build-up they may cause after a while. Doing this helps me keep both my scalp and hair happy, which in turn makes me a very happy girl!

I’m so glad I’ve decided to try these Ryoe products as they turned out to be amazing for my dry, limp hair. It brought life back to my strands without breaking my wallet, and I will definitely be repurchasing them once I run out. From the elegant packaging to the smell and effect, this combo definitely a HG for me in terms of haircare.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a complete ingredient list, but I have read elsewhere that the Ryoe products do use silicone, a hair-coating ingredient I usually avoid. This would definitely have been a downside, but since I can’t confirm that and I’m really happy with the overall performance, I honestly don’t mind.


Final Thoughts And Rating


  • Affordable
  • Great for dry, damaged hair
  • Great herbal scent
  • Cleanses without being too hard and makes hair soft and shiny


  • May contain sulphates and silicones (unconfirmed)

Score: 5/5

Can be purchased at: https://www.stylekorean.com | http://www.sasa.com | http://www.testerkorea.com| http://www.koreadepart.com

Have you tried any Ryoe products and how did they work for you? Let me know your favourite products in the comments! 🙂



5 thoughts on “Herbal Delight: Ryoe Jinsaengbo Shampoo & Conditioner Review

  1. I have recently started using a few Ryo(e) products (their oily scalp shampoo and a couple of their hair treatments,) and I have been, like you, pretty damn impressed with how good they have been to my hair. I buy them on StyleKorean, and they’re ridiculously inexpensive there (granted, the shipping fee does up the total, but it’s still SO worth it.)

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    1. So glad you like them as well! I’ve achieved amazing results in very little time by starting to use Ryoe products, and I’ve tried pretty much everything from natural haircare to ridiculously expensive salon brands before! This is the only shampoo and conditioner that makes my hair feel and look like silk, and at such a great price! It’s true that the shipping costs can make the purchase a lot more expensive but in the end I still find it cheaper than regularly buying things from the shops around here just to be disappointed again!

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      1. Exactly. I can honestly say that nothing I had ever tried, made such an obvious difference so fast (and I’m nearing 40, so I have already had a lot of time to try products. LOL) Even considering the shipping fees – and I always make sure that I make the best of my shipping brackets on websites where the fee is based on weight, – it’s very, very affordable for such a potent product line.

        Liked by 1 person

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