Goodbye, 2015


As the minutes silently pass by, the realisation that this year will soon be over increases with every tick of the clock. It’s already getting dark outside and I know that, pretty soon, I will start getting ready by taking a shower, putting the champagne to cool and start preparing the last dinner of the year.

Thinking back to the beginning of 2015, I remember telling myself that this year, I would start doing the things that I always wanted to do but never did for some reason or another. One of these things included starting a blog.

I’ve always been interested in all things beauty, exploring new skincare trends and trying out the weirdest ingredients just out of curiosity. The main difference was that, before, the main recipient of my views and experiments were my boyfriend and maybe some colleagues at work. But upon starting this blog in February 2015, a whole new world became available to me. It was one were I could interact with people who shared the same passions and who actually cared about my views on essences, sheet masks and other things, hoping that my posts would be useful, bring joy and somehow help readers, even if only in a small way. But not only did I find a platform where I could exchange views and opinions, I also (virtually) met some amazing people who inspired me and and from whom I could learn a few things!

Therefore, not only am I glad that I stuck to my resolution and started a blog, but I am also extremely grateful for the blogging community out there and the awesome people that actually follow this blog. It is thanks to you that I am still writing and growing with every post!

For 2016, my resolution will be to write more regularly and also interact even more with the amazing blogging community out there.

Here’s to 2016, my friends! Thanks for all your support and for sticking with me all this time ❤



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