War of the BB Cushions: Hera vs. Sulwhasoo


Hello Beauties!

Today I’m going to review the two BB cushions that have been my go-to products for light, natural everyday coverage.

When I was younger, I would wear foundation every-single-day, be it for work or school. Back then, it was mainly about creating skin that looks better than it actually is, independently of how many layers were necessary to achieve that even, perfect look. Needless to say it might have covered the redness or occasional bumps, but it didn’t look natural.

Press onwards a few years (and skincare lessons) and I’m all about natural looking BB or CC creams rather than thick foundations. I like to use light formulas that enhance my natural skin rather than covering it up completely. But to get to that point, I first had to invest in a good skincare regime and get more serious about proper skincare. Being more conscious about my own skin and taking better care of it by investing in a few good quality products (read my Korean skincare experience blog here) really helped achieve better skin that needed less correction and coverage than before.

When the first Korean cushion compacts came out, it didn’t took very long  to get me hooked on the idea! I mean, a foundation that applies easily and evenly like a powder and that you can carry around everywhere? Hell yes.

A few months later, I finally managed to get hold of my first cushion while visiting Bangkok (Sulwhasoo), and later ordered my second one (Hera) online. Hera and Sulwhasoo are both high end cosmetics brands and as such, their cushion foundations don’t come cheaply, so be prepared to spend around £40 for each. But despite the elevated prices, Sulwhasoo’s Evenfair cushion and Hera’s UV Cushions are some of the most popular cushions available on the market and many people swear by them, which made me even more curious to finally try them!


Another thing that’s worth mentioning about cushion foundations is that they  will usually come with 15g worth of foundation but include a refill, so all in all you are buying 30g of product. When you’ve used it for a while and start feeling that it’s getting harder to get product out, simply turn the cushion around using tweezers and voila, you got a few more weeks worth of product!

Let’s compare these two cushions…!

SULWHASOO Evenfair Perfecting Cushion

According to Sulwhasoo’s description, this cushion contains apricot kernel oil to improve skin elasticity while giving lightweight coverage and SPF 50+ PA+++ to protect skin from sun damage. It promises a light, flawless finish that lasts for approximately 12 hours.


The cushion comes in a simple but elegant white & gold case that is slightly rounded and easy to carry around. On the inner lid, there is a mirror and a slim white & brown sponge applicator separated from the soaked cushion by a plastic cap. The case is made of plastic but quite sturdy nonetheless; I always carry it around in my bag but there are no scratches or dents to it!

sulwhasoo closeup

Coverage & Finish

I bought this cushion in nr. 13 Light Pink, which is actually the lightest shade and was recommended to me by a sales assistant. When I used it for the first time I was concerned about how white my face looked and my  thought was that I bought the wrong shade. After a while though, the foundation starts to settle and the ghostly white cast disappears. The sponge inside the case is perfect for application, you just press it against the soaked cushion and it will absorb some of the formula, which you can then lightly pat onto your skin. I find that using a cushion takes much less time to cover the whole face compared to using a brush and gives a more natural finish because there are no streaks. As mentioned earlier, the foundation might look very light at first, but the colour changes into a more natural tone after a few minutes. However, I do think it’s still a little bit too light for me and doesn’t match my skin tone a hundred percent.

This cushion has a slightly herbal scent to it which is noticeable but not overwhelming and fades pretty quickly as well. The finish  is supposed to be ‘dewy’ which means there will be a sheen or glow to the skin, and it does leave me with a lovely soft glowing, even complexion when I first apply it. However, it also seems to transform into a velvety, powdery finish after some time, so I try not to use to much of it to keep it looking natural.

The coverage is between light & medium. It does cover up light redness and scars, but when I have occasional outbreaks I do have to make sure to apply some concealer on top as the foundation alone will not cover them completely.

I usually apply my make up in the morning before going to work, and for me, the Evenfair Perfecting foundation lasts between 5-6 hours before I need a touch up. Because I have an oily t-zone, my face will look a tad shiny in the afternoon, but touching up with the cushion easily gets rid of the extra shine without caking up.

Left picture without any make-up. The Sulwhasoo cushion offers decent coverage and corrects redness and scars/bumps, providing an even finish.

HERA UV Mist Cushion Ultra Moisture

This is probably one of the most popular cushions around and the Ultra Moisture version in particular seems to stand out amongst all of them. It is supposed to give a dewy, Korean-drama-actress like finish, while at the same time providing moisture with ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and gluconnaman and added SPF34/PA++ for sun protection.


Similar to the Sulwhasoo cushion, this one also comes in a round, light plastic case, which is a little bit sharper and sliiiightly bigger compared to Sulwhasoo. The colour is a beautiful, sparkly purple that changes if the light. It also comes with a small mirror inside and a white & blue sponge applicator.


Coverage & Finish

For this cushion, I chose nr. 21 cool vanilla, which is also one of the lightest shades (thanks, marvellous UK weather). To my relief, this shade suited my skin really well and, compared to Sulwhasoo, didn’t make me look as ghostly. I find that the colour is slightly more rosy and natural looking, but this might just be my own impression based on my skin tone.

Like any cushion foundation, you’re supposed to take some of the products using the sponge and then pat it onto the skin. The UV Mist Cushion Ultra Moisture has a light formula that is easy to apply and can be blended nicely with the aid of the sponge. It has a noticeable perfumey scent but again, it didn’t seem too strong to me and tends to fade pretty quickly. This cushion really does provide a lovely dewy, glowy finish that  lasts for a good couple of hours. Also, it’s less ‘powdery’compared to the Evenfair Perfecting Cushion, therefore looking a tad more natural. As with Sulwhasoo though, I need to touch up after about 5-6 hours if I want my face to keep looking “fresh”.

In terms of coverage, it is pretty similar to the Evenfair cushion; it will cover up small imperfections and discolourations but fresh scars or red bumps will need some extra concealer. Another problem that applies I to both cushions is that they can be slightly sticky due to their dewy formulas. While they feel pretty light on the skin, I do notice that a blow of wind will usually cause some hairs to stick and stay glued to my face, which can be pretty annoying in windy London…! Also, I have to be careful not to touch my face too often because it will disrupt the foundation. I sometimes have to touch up the bits I touched because my fingers left little streaks or prints on my face. Other than that, I really love the complexion and natural glow this cushion gives me and that can be worn for pretty much every occasion without looking heavy!


This being said, let’s summarise the pro’s and con’s of each:



  • Smooth, even finish
  • Great sun protection (SPF 50+ PA+++)
  • Contains skin improving ingredients such as apricot kernel oil
  • Lightweight on the skin
  • Didn’t give me breakouts or irritation


  • Doesn’t perfectly match my skintone
  • Promises 12h duration but has to be touched up after about 5-6h
  • Beautiful dewy finish but becomes ‘powdery’ after a while
  • Foundation disrupts if face is touched
  • Can be a bit sticky



  • Great colour match
  • Looks very natural on skin
  • Lightweight feel on skin
  • Gives glowing complexion
  • Contains hyaluronic acid & gluconnaman to moisturise skin

Score: 7/10


  • Lower sun protection (SPF34/PA++)
  • Has to be touched up after about 5-6h
  • Foundation disrupts if face is touched
  • Can be a bit sticky

Score: 8/10

After having tried BB cushions, I almost can’t see myself going back to liquid foundation anymore. The cushions I’ve tried are lightweight, easy and quick to apply, contain skin improving ingredients and provide a natural, glowing complexion. In addition to that, I love the fact that I can carry them around with me and reapply whenever necessary.

Both the Hera UV Mist Cushion Ultra Moisture as well as the Sulwhasoo Evenfair Perfecting Cushion work wonderfully and provide that coveted healthy, glowy look. But if I had to stick to only one, it would probably be Hera. This is because the shade is closer to my skin tone and also because I find it leaves skin looking more naturally healthy and glowing than Sulwhasoo. At the same time I do think both are great cushions and I alternate using them depending on the weather or my mood.

If you are torn between these two, I’d recommend getting the one that will match your skin tone better as it will look more natural, since the coverage and finish are pretty similar anyway!

Have you tried any cushions before or are you trying to decide which one to buy? What were your opinions or impressions? I’d love to hear your views so please comment below! 🙂



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