Japanese Beauty Haul


Hello Beauties! ūüôā

I’m back…with yet another beauty haul! I know, I know, but I swear for the sake of my wallet that his is the last one.

The other day I was browsing sasa.com (one of my all time favourite online shops for asian cosmetics) and I discovered this new category called “Instant Deal“. This is a category where, for a limited amount of time, random products are put on sale for as much as 70% lower than their retail prices! Needless to say this has become my favourite category to check.

When I discovered that some SK II products were on sale that day, I immediately grabbed the opportunity and added the Clear Treatment Lotion¬†(a toner) to my basket along with a few other things. I’ve heard a lot about SK II products, in particular their treatment essence, and because I’ve read so many good reviews¬†I was very curious to try some of their products¬†whenever I got the chance (and the money, since they tend to be on the expensive side). However, I had just restocked my trusted Missha Time Revolution The First Essence, so I decided to get the SK II toner instead because my SUM:37 Waterfall Refresher is almost used up.

In addition to my sasa.com order, I also ordered a Japanese exfoliating wash cloth from eBay as an alternative to traditional body scrubs.



Let’s have a closer look at all the goodies, shall we?

SK II Clear Treatment Lotion


I have to confess that one of the main reasons why I bought this (apart from the reduced price) was the fact that I had read a lot of good reviews about it before. I find that with SK II products, there are always some people that consider their products to be the holy grail of skincare, while others considered it a complete waste of money and claim it just doesn’t work for them. As soon as my SUM:37 toner is used up, I will test and report if this Pitera¬†(SK II’s miracle ingredient) infused toner is really worth the splash…!

Kracie Tabinoyado Hot Springs Clear Bath Salt Milky Assorted Pack


This adorably illustrated box contains 13 assorted sachets of Japanese Onsen style bath salts. Japanese Onsen are well known¬†for utilising water that is rich in minerals which¬†benefits skin and promotes blood circulation. These assorted bathing powders represent 5 of the most famous Onsen spas in Japan. They come in separate sachets which means you can’t go wrong with the amount you use. I can’t wait to try these on a cold or rainy weekend, preferably with a glass of wine and a good book! ūüôā

Lily Bell Patting Cotton Puff

Some¬†people prefer to use their pricey toners or essences using their hands because using a cotton puff might lead to unnecessary waste of product. I’ve also been applying my products with¬†my hands because it was advised on the instructions. This time though, I decided to go back to the cotton puff method because that’s how the SK II toner is supposed to be used.. However, I’ve done a bit of research about these little fluffy things and decided to get the Lily Bell Patting Cotton Puff from Suzuran because they are¬†made for exactly this purpose. They’re called ‘patting’ puffs because rather than ‘swiping’ the soaked cotton on your face, you are supposed to use them in a patting motion. Also, they have 3 different layers; the top layer for toner application, the middle part is impermeable for less product waste and the bottom layer (pink side) for softer, more delicate application.¬†Impressive how even little things like cotton puffs are getting more and more ingenuous, but hopefully this will help make my toner last a little bit longer!¬†Lastly, I think the¬†price is pretty affordable, costing¬†US$3.20 for 70 pieces per box.

Salux Beauty Skin Wash Cloth in white


Exfoliation is an important step to¬†ensure skin is at its best. If done regularly, exfoliation will get rid of debris, keep pores clear and allow better absorption of products that are used¬†afterwards. This being said, it’s important to not only exfoliate the face, but also the body, which can be done using either a body scrub or a loofah for example. In the past, I regularly used loofahs, but I find that they deteriorate pretty quickly and can take a long time to dry. As an alternative, I bought this Japanese wash cloth from Salux which is supposed to be super hygienic, gently exfoliating and dry quickly. It’s also quite long so you can even reach your back with it! I regularly use this towel and I can say that it does everything that it promises. My skin feels so soft and clean after using it and after using it for a few weeks it also helped clear up skin issues like little bumps and ingrown hairs. Winner!

Have you tried any of these products or do you have your own favourite Japanese beauty products? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Have a wonderful week ‚̧




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