TK MAXX Fashion Haul!


If there’s a store I never get tired of exploring it has got to be TK Maxx. What makes it such a great place is that you never know what you will find inside, since the stock changes pretty often. You might walk in there on a lucky day and find some normally exclusive or very expensive products for a price that won’t hurt your wallet!

Also, because it’s an American brand, there is a chance that sometimes they would be carrying items that are otherwise really hard to find in the UK, like for example haircare brands CHI and Silk Therapy.

2 weeks ago, I was visiting Bournemouth with the bf and we randomly decided to walk into the TK Maxx on the high-street. I did my thing snooping around the cosmetics department, but didn’t really find anything that I needed. So after a while, I went to find the bf who was looking for clothes. Now the clothes department is something I don’t really check at TK Maxx. The isles of clothes just seem too long and messy and just look like it’s going to take ages to find something I like in there. Funny enough, as we were walking to the cashier, one clothes rail with 3 fancy looking jackets on them caught my attention. No one else seems to care for them so I went to examine them further. It turned out the jackets were from the hugely popular brand Ted Baker. The jacket was black with red and orange flowers all over it and just looked so extravagant I had to try one on!

Since coming back from Thailand were I found some amazing clothes and styles, I’ve kind of been into flashier, more colourful, jovial outfits. Or maybe I might also just have been watching too many K-Pop videos lately. Ahem, anyway…

Luckily, the jacket was just my size and there now only one thing left to do: check the price.

Knowing Ted Baker, their stuff can be pretty expensive, but as with this jacket you can feel that it’s good quality. And in fact, it originally cost £200 but was reduced to just £70 at TK Maxx! So obviously, I took it home with me, feeling like the luckiest person in the world!


Press forward 1 week and me and the bf are again in TK Maxx, this time in our hometown. This time I decided to look out and see if there were any other amazing jackets, and I was not disappointed! There, hidden away in the middle of some heavy winter coats was this shiny, pearlescent black jacket. I haven’t seen this one before but this must be one of the most unique jackets I’ve ever seen! It;s all black with a heavy gold zip and covered throughout in black sequins, almost like a fish. Being extraordinarily lucky again, the jacket was exactly my size! This was was also reduced, from a whopping £250 to £70, but I wasn’t completely sure if I should buy it, after all I had just bought one a week ago. But then again, it was the only jacket like that in the store and it’s unlikely to stay there for long, and then…and so I decided to go for it again.


I just looooove these 2 jackets! The quality is amazing, they’re well made and they’re such an eye-catcher with their unique designs! And knowing I saved £310 on them also feels really good! 🙂


For me, this taught me I should not ignore the clothes section, as much as it looks like it’s going to be hard work going through it, you never know what you might find! How about you, have you ever had any amazing finds in TK Maxx or bought a favourite piece there? Or any advice on what to look for? Make sure to let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading and have a great day ❤

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