Sawadee ka from Thailand!

Hello hello!

Surprise surprise, I’m in Bangkok!

Right now I’m typing this post on my phone, comfortably lying in a soft hotel bed with the A/C quietly humming away. It has been a long day visiting cultural places, eating a variety of delicious foods, walking along the packed street markets with vendours loudly announcing their goods and numerous counts of hiding under the shade of a tree to escape the scorching sun.

I haven’t felt this excited and satisfied for a long time. It’s my first time visiting an Asian country and strangely, it reminds me of my life in Brazil. It might be the exotic wheather, or the way the streets look, or even the chaotic traffic; whatever it is, I almost feel like I’m somewhere familiar.

Me and the bf are just starting our adventure here in Bangkok. We will be spending a couple more day here to explore as much as we can before heading off to our next destination – Phuket 🌴

I won’t be able to write much during the trip but I’ll make sure to take plenty of pictures and to write a detailed travel diary once I am back in the UK!

In the meantime, here are some impressions of our first day:

at the Grand Palace
at the Grand Palace
Majestic buildings at the Grand Palace (with special thanks to the lady in red for posing like a model and the unimpressed little girl)
Coconut Icecream in a coconut!
selfie time with the tour guide! lol joke, thats actually the bf lah. dunno what kind of face i was trying to make there though oO
Huge malls and busy streets everywhere

That’s it for now! Please let me know if you would like to see more on travel on the blog, after all your words are my biggest motivation!

See you soon!


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