Tried It! SUM:37 Favourites


The multi-step Korean skincare regimen has gained a lot of attention from all over the world lately. With the rising popularity of K-Pop and K-Dramas, people have started noticing the always flawless, glowing and youthful looking skin of Korean singers and actresses. If you’ve done a little bit of research into the Korean beauty market, you might have noticed how immense it actually is. It’s almost like dipping your toe into an ocean of different masks, serums, ampoules, creams, lotions, essences…there are just so many brands and products to choose from that it can get slightly overwhelming.

I’ve tried my fair share of Korean products lately and there is one brand that stands out in terms of quality and performance: SUM:37.

SUM:37 is a luxury Korean Skincare brand that specialises in natural, fermented ingredients. They do not use artificial colours, artificial fragrances and preservatives in their products.

I was initially attracted to this brand because of their focus on fermented ingredients. Eating fermented foods such as kimchi or miso has incredible health benefits, but adding them into skincare products can be just as great! The process of fermentation makes nutrients more concentrated and allow them to be more easily absorbed, while at the same time containing tons of anti-oxidants and amino-acids to nourish skin. The fact SUM:37 products are free of artificial additives in their products is also a huge plus for me, as it means there are less irritants and potential acne-triggers.

I am currently using 3 products from this brand, the Skin Saver Essential Cleansing Foam,  the Water-full Refresher (or toner) and the Skin Saver Melting Cleansing Balm.

lol, can you find me in this picture?

Let’s start with the cleansing balm….

Skin Saver Melting Cleansing Balm


FotorCreatedsumThis is the first time I’ve used a cleansing balm instead of an oil but in terms of efficiency, I don’t really see a difference. Both cleansing oil and this balm remove all of my makeup perfectly without the need to rub or tug the skin. This balm, with it’s intricate and elegant design is definitely an eye catcher! While the lid is made of metal, the jar is made from frosted glass. But the coolest part is probably what’s at the top of the jar…the part that looks a bit like leaf is actually the spatula! There’s a magnet at the bottom so after using it to get the balm you can just stick it back to the lid. It’s brilliant!

This balm contains fermented apricot oil, vitamin A, vitamin C, to name only a few. The smell is absolutely beautiful: Peachy, sweet yet citrusy and incredibly soothing. It’s very easy to scoop the balm out with the spatula and it immediately melts when in contact with skin. You only need a very small amount for the whole face and it feels amazing on skin, not sticky or heavy but just very luxurious and comforting. It emulsifies easily and there’s no film left on the skin after rinsing. I’m in love with this balm because not only does it work wonderfully to remove make-up, it also has a therapeutic effect because of the amazing smell and texture. This is exactly what I need after a long day!

Skin Saver Essential Cleansing Foam



After removing my make-up with the Skin Saver Cleansing Balm, I usually follow up with a foaming cleanser. I cannot point out enough how important it is to use a gentle cleanser rather than one that will leave your skin feeling dry and sensitive. The choice of your cleanser can really make a big difference in how your skin looks and feels, so make sure you invest in a good quality product! I really like how incredibly gentle this foam is and how well it lathers. It leaves my skin feeling clean and fresh, but not like it has been completely stripped and dried out. I can’t say much about the smell since it’s almost odourless. There’s also something about it that makes my skin look even and bright immediately after washing. It fades after a while but I’m always awed when I pat my face dry after washing it with this foam. I this foam is a great option for people with sensitive skin.

Here’s the official description of this product from their websiteThis liquid foaming cleanser contains hypoallergenic, botanical cleansing ingredients, which can be used even for sensitive skin, softly removes skin wastes of pores, leaves your skin moist for a long time after cleasning with its essential moisturizing ingredients.

Water-full Skin Refresher



In Asia, toners are sometimes called “Refreshers”, because, unlike western products, they usually don’t contain alcohol and are meant to be moisturising. This toner restores the skins pH level, soothes and hydrates it. As with the cleansing balm, it also has a wonderful smell despite not containing any artificial fragrances. The smell is sort of flowery but not overly sweet or overpowering. The Water-full Refresher contains fermented bamboo extract, which is incredibly hydrating, while at the same time having anti-inflammatory properties. There’s also honeysuckle extract in it for anti-oxidants and hibiscus flower extract to help retain moisture. Also, the bottle is huge! This toner will definitely last me for a while.

Here’s the description from SUM:37’s website: This toner contains an ample amount of fermented bamboo sap, which is absorded instantly, calms down and moisturizes your skin.

So, these are the SUM:37 products that I have been using and loving lately! Because it’s considered a luxury brand, they tend to be slightly pricier. However, they’re made of good, natural ingredients and deliver what they promise, so personally I don’t mind paying a bit more for that. I’ve really come to trust SUM:37 products because of their high product standards and how well they work for my skin. I always look forward to using them because of the smell and the gentleness and I like the fact that these products allow me to stick to a more natural skincare-routine.

If you’d like to try some Korean products but don’t know where to start, I would definitely recommend having a look at SUM:37 products. If you had a chance to try any of their products I would love to hear your opinions or recommendations! 🙂

Thanks so much for reading and have a lovely weekend,


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