TK Maxx & Drugstore finds!

Hey guys!

So, last weekend me and the BF decided to go out for a bit, and, after driving around for a while, ended up going to our local TK Maxx & Superdrug stores. I love going to TK Maxx because you can never be entirely sure about what you might find there. Every time I go, I discover new amazing things, be it in the beauty, clothing or interior decor departments. And because I like it so much, I rarely walk away without some new treasures 😛


Here’s what I found last weekend:

1. Debut by Danielle Cosmetic Organizer 

I’m sure you’ve heard about the famous Muji acrylic organizers…I mean, they’re all over the internet and in pretty much every celebrity bathroom! While I still haven’t gotten around buying an actual Muji box, I found this make up organizer for £9.99 pretty awesome too! I would say it’s medium-sized and obviously not big enough to store all my make up, but I figured it should be alright to hold my most used lipsticks, bb creams and concealers. I really like how it looks on my vanity table; it’s much more organized but at the same time still displays the products nicely – because honestly -who wants to hide their beautifully designed luxury lipstick hidden away in a dark box or corner? Exactly.


this is how it looks with some of my essentials in it!

2. TEK wooden brush 

Finally, I have found a affordable brush with wooden bristles! I’ve searched for them online before but I found that the bigger wood brushes can be quite expensive, specially TEK brushes, which are handmade in Italy. So I was really happy when I found this TEK brush at TK Maxx for less than £10! That’s about 50% cheaper than buying online. You might be wondering what’s the big deal, it’s just a hair brush, but using a brush with wooden bristles against a plastic one can have many advantages.

For instance, wooden bristles help in conditioning your hair by evenly distributing natural oils from the scalp to the lengths of your hair. At the same time, they’re antistatic and massage and stimulate your scalp gently while you brush. Lastly, since most wood bristles are thicker than plastic ones, they also tend to cause less breakage, meaning they’re less damaging for your hair.

If you ask me, these are some pretty good reasons to switch from plastic to wooden bristles!  


3. Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer in #Light 

After seeing a lot of good reviews about this concealer, I decided to try it myself whenever I had the time to look for it. I actually bought one of these about 2 weeks ago, but when I tried it immediately disliked the colour. Since they only had the #Nude shade, I figured it should be fine, but it turned out to be too dark for my skin and kind of looked orangey. Horrible stuff.

Sadly, the lighter shades always seem to be sold out! It took another week or so until I managed to find this concealer in #Light, but it finally happened. I’ve been using it for the last few days and so far I really like it! The light shade matches my skin tone perfectly, it’s easy and comfortable to apply thanks to the spongy tip and once it’s blended in nicely it provides decent coverage. I use it both for my under-eye area as well as the areas around my lips, nose, and to cover any redness on my cheeks and forehead. For the price of £7.99 I think it’s a very effective drugstore concealer and I can understand why so many people love it!

The Maybelline Instant Age Rewind in #Light

What do you think about these products? Have you tried them or got a similar one? Make sure to let me know 🙂



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