Trip to Oxford & Bicester Village!


Hello everyone!

Let me start by saying sorry for being a bit MIA for the last week. The reason was that my best friend and her boyfriend came all the way from Germany to stay with me for a long weekend. It’s been ages since we’ve seen each other so we tried to make the most of our 3 days reunited.

We spent the whole first day going around London, visiting the National History Museum (which is free and you get to see a badass Tyrannosaurus Rex growling at you), walked around Leicester Square and spent a few hours exploring one of my favourites spots, Camden Town. I never get tired of walking around their market, discovering hidden shops selling exclusive items and choosing from all the little food stalls with yummy yet incredibly affordable food. If you’re ever in London, I really recommend visiting the Camden Town open market!

On the second day we left home early and drove 2 hours to Oxford, which is known as the “city of dreaming spires” because of the beauty of its university buildings. You probably heard about this place before since it’s home to the prestigious Oxford University, whose ex-alumni include Oscar Wilde and Stephen Hawking!

We arrived there around lunchtime and first had a stroll around the city centre, which has a lovely wide high street with a nice mix of restaurants, cafes, shops and beautiful old buildings. After that we went to see some of the Oxford University buildings. The university is not just one big building alone but many different buildings or colleges scattered around town.

At the entrance to Keble College
At the entrance to Keble College

Since there is free access to some of the universities main buildings and gardens, we decided to start there. The gardens and parks around Keble College are absolutely stunning! Spring is only starting here but the trees were already carrying crowns of leaves and the grass was a bright, shiny green ocean surrounding the chapel and college. In the middle stood Christ Church college, which is widely known because some of its locations were used to film the Harry Potter movies. You may recall the big dining room at Hogwarts, where the students have their meals or study during the day. That room was in fact recreated based on the Great Hall of Christ Church College. Unfortunately, the Great Hall wasn’t open for visitors on that day but as a big Harry Potter fan, I would have loved to see it! We also visited the area around the Sheldonian Theatre and went inside the St. Mary church, where a little orchestra was rehearsing. Yeah, free concert! 😉

Recital inside the church
Recital inside the church

There’s also the option to climb up the church tower for a few pounds. It’s a very narrow and steep climb but once you reach the top you get rewarded with the most breathtaking view of the city and the university buildings! It was absolutely worth the effort to be able to enjoy this beautiful view.


beautiful view from top of the tower
beautiful view from top of the tower

After going around the university and city, we went back to the car and drove about 20 minutes to Bicester Village, a high end outlet shopping centre. Basically, it’s like a little village with streets full of shops next to each other. There are a lot of designer brands such as Gucci, MCM, Burberry, Valentino and so on. We only had a few hours until they closed but trust me, I could have spent the whole day walking up and down the streets looking at things and wishing I was rich…! *sigh*

Despite still not being able to afford those fabulous Valentino heels despite the lowered price, I did get my hands on an amazing new wallet from Kate Spade, and because there was an extra 25% sale on it, I ended up paying only around £60 for it. I can finally retire my beaten up, faded Guess wallet that I had been abusing for the last 3 years!

There’s also a cosmetics shop there where I got the MAC Prep + Prime Protect SPF 50  (since it’s getting sunnier now) and a and the MAC Lipglass in Morange, which is a pretty kinda orangey coloured lipgloss that I think is perfect for spring and summer. I also randomly bought a shadow primer from Smashbox to round up the bill, but it turned out to be an amazing primer!

After all that shopping we drove to a nearby pub and had some delicious fish & chips before finally heading home and getting some rest.

my little Bicester Village goodies
my Bicester Village findings

On the third and last day we woke up to rain and grey weather, so we decided to have a shopping day (what, another one?!) at Bluewater Shopping centre in Kent. I wasn’t particularly looking for anything because of yesterday’s shopping but I did end up buying the Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer and a backpack from Forever 21. I’ve seen a lot of people raving about this concealer and since I’m running out of mine I decided to get it before they were all gone.

The backpack I got because I have a 25 minutes walk from the train station to work everyday and it was getting inconvenient and painful to walk around with my full shoulder bags day after day. I thought the faux leather white looked good, was sturdy, matched well with pretty much all my coats and jackets and for only about £20 the price was more than reasonable! It was such a good decision to get it because my walks are much more comfortable now and I don’t keep bumping my bag into other people by accident anymore, saving me some angry glares here and there 😛

the little weekend haul together
the little weekend haul together

Sadly, the next day was time to say goodbye to my friend already, as they had to catch their early flight back. We had such an amazing time and managed to explore so many places in only a few days. I particularly loved visiting Oxford and seeing all the beautiful, historical buildings. There’s just something magical about those medieval cities! I really hope they enjoyed it as much as I did 🙂

This sums up my last weekend and hopefully explains why I haven’t been able to write anything for more than a week, but I will definitely try to catch up on blogging from now on!

Thanks so much for reading and I shall speak to you again soon!



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