March Favourites!


Goodbye March, hello April!

I originally planned to post this yesterday, but as you might have heard in the news there was a big fire in central London on that day that forced over 20’000 people to be evacuated. It happened right in the area where I work and we were amongst the offices that had to be evacuated as the fire travelled its way up the streets. It was all a bit chaotic and hence I wasn’t able to upload sooner. The fire seems to be under control now, although some streets are still closed.

Phew…what a way to start the new month!

March has been quite odd here, it started to look like spring at first, then suddenly cold, strong winds and rain made if feel like we’re back to winter. Luckily I had some handy products to keep me going through this roller-coaster of temperatures. Below is the stuff I’ve been relying on the most in March and therefore deserve the title “Favourites of the Month“:

Coconut Oil 

I found this jar of extra virgin, raw, cold pressed & organic (basically everything you want inIMG_4162 an oil) while food shopping, and since then we’ve been inseparable! I use it for everything: as a make-up remover, overnight hair-mask, moisturising face-oil, and also for cooking as an alternative to olive oil. Coconut oil is extremely versatile and packed with benefits both for nutrition and  beauty. It’s full of healthy fats that boost energy, lower risk of heart disease and help burning fat, and lauric acid that fights viruses and bacteria, to name just a few benefits. Used topically, coconut oil is great for hair and skin as it attracts moisture and protects hair from damage. During the cold and windy weeks that left my hair dry and frizzy I used applied coconut oil to my hair for a few hours before shower or even overnight and it made a huge difference in the looks and manageability of my hair. It makes it look shinier, feel stronger and keeps frizz under control. Definitely my multi-tasking winner!

Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain in 025 – Cannes CrushIMG_4155

For some reason I tend to wear darker, more neutral clothes whenever the skies are grey or when it’s raining. Empathy with the weather maybe? To add a bit more colour and lightness to my look I would then turn to this Revlon lip stain. It’s a gorgeous, peachy colour that stays on the lips for a long time (ideal if you’re not into regular touch-ups). It’s creamy and glossy at first but eventually dries into a sort of matte colour. The colour is very intense and doesn’t fade quickly, but not too obvious like a red or orange lip colour. Basically, it makes you look like you’ve spent a long time carefully doing your make-up, even if in reality you had to rush out of the house with your hair curlers still partly dangling from your head. And it goes well with pretty much every colour! Just make sure your lips are well moisturised as it does tend to be drying.

Max Factor MasterpieceIMG_4159 Colour Precision Eyeshadow in Nr. 05 – Pearl Beige

I just looooove the colour of this eyeshadow! A creamy champagne colour that is not too pigmented and perfect for every day. When I want to keep my make up simple but sophisticated I use this baby. You can use it both on your eyelids or along the bottom inner corner of your eyes for a sweet look. Oh, and did I mention it also works as a highlighter? Use it on the cheeks and nose bridge to illuminate the face. It’s a sort of moist eyeshadow that’s easily applied with the spongey applicator which makes application quick and mess-free.

Kenzoki Creme Qui Fait Belle aka Cream with a Sheen

IMG_4157I found this cream on my last trip to Switzerland during Christmas sale and I’m glad I managed to get there as it’s quite hard to get a hold of Kenzoki products in the UK. This cream is meant to hydrate, refine skin texture and add luminosity to the face. What attracted me to it was the fact that it contains white lotus essence, which has anti-oxidant properties and forms a sort of “bubble” on the skin to protect it from external aggression. Since I’m subject to urban pollution every day, this sounded very alluring. It also contains pink peony and dulse, which according to Kenzoki’s website unify the complexion and boost microcirculation. I’ve been using this cream every morning as the last step of my skincare routine. The texture is velvety, almost a bit pudding-like, and it smells divine! It has a delicate, flowery smell that has something so soothing about it, it’s almost therapeutic and calming! The cream itself is lightweight, absorbs quickly into skin and, because of the tiny light-reflecting particles, immediately brightens the skin. Don’t worry though, you can’t really see the glitter on your face as it’s very subtle and doesn’t interfere with foundation or bb cream either. I really enjoy using this cream in the morning for moderate hydration, but be aware that it’s probably not moisturising enough in the colder months.

Alright, this pretty much sums up my favourites for this month! Are you curious about any of them or tried them? If so make sure to let me know! 🙂

Until next time,


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