Skincare Update: New Products

Hi everyone!

Happy Saturday! What have you been up to so far?

As you may know, I have been living in the UK for a bit more than a year now. While I love the life here, I have definitely not been loving what it has been doing to my hair and skin. Since living here, I have been struggling with extremely dry hair, dull, sensitive skin that regularly breaks out (something I never had before) and major clogged pores. I also noticed some fine lines that are likely the result of having drier skin from all the cold and wind. I also suspect that most of these problems are due to the hard, strongly chlorinated water in the area where I live.

Because of that, one of my resolutions for this year is to tackle the issue and restore my skin and hair to their former health. Because I didn’t want to waste or throw my old products away, I spent months using them up until I was left with the basics (a self-made apple cider vinegar toner, my Shiseido moisturizing emulsion for the day and argan/coconut oil at night). At the same time I did a lot of research about brands, products and read more reviews than I could possibly count.

And last weekend I finally started to order my new skincare routine! 🙂 My new products are slowly arriving and I can’t wait try them and write about the results!

So far, I only received two products, a toner and a pack of sheet masks that I got in Chinatown.

SU:M37 Waterfull Refresher & My Beauty Diary Chocolate Truffle Masks
SU:M37 Waterfull Refresher & My Beauty Diary Chocolate Truffle Masks

The toner is from SU:M37, a Korean luxury skincare brand that focuses on fermented ingredients. Fermented ingredients have a higher concentration of nutrients, amino-acids and antioxidants and get absorbed by the skin more quickly. Sounds good so far, isn’t it?

What’s great about this toner is that it only contains 4 ingredients, all fermented. The main ingredient is fermented bamboo, which is highy moisturising and has anti-inflammatory properties. There are no parabens, alcohol or artificial perfumes. And the bottle is HUGE. I was actually quite shocked when I unpacked it, since I expected a typical western kind of toner that comes in a small/medium bottle. But there are actually 170 ml of pure fermented goodness in that bottle. That will last me for a goooood time!

I’ve been using this toner for the last 2 weeks and I’m in love. Despite not containing artificial fragrances, it has a divine, flowery scent. I use it twice a day after washing my face by putting a few drops on my palms, rubbing them together for a bit and then patting it in into my skin until it’s fully absorbed. I find that my skin drinks this up instantly and there is no film or stickiness left behind. It immediately gets rid of the dryness and tight feeling you sometimes get from your face wash and noticeably soothes the skin, making it look and feel more hydrated. I love the fact that this toner (or refresher, how it’s called in Korea) actually moisturises your skin as opposed to making it dry, which is what a lot of western toners do due to their alcohol content.

As for the sheet masks, I haven’t tried them out yet but they look sooo tempting! Maybe it’s because of the chocolate truffle…But at the moment I’m saving them for when I get the rest of my products, which should be during the next 2 weeks.

I reckon the whole process will take a while since I have a limited budget for each month, but I look forward to trying them out and letting you guys know which products are a hit or miss, so make sure to stay tuned! 😉

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful weekend!


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